Psychology Essay Writing guide


Psychology essay writing structure and guide

It comes without saying that writing a psychology essay requires the utmost creativity and flow. Switching in between various arguments to tackle a topic to satisfaction is, therefore, not only necessary but vital.

Can anyone write a psychology essay?

Yes, anyone can write a psychology essay. It would, however, require your knowledge of the essay structure of a psychology essay and the intellect needed to gather information on the specified topic. Psychology essay writing, unlike other formats of writing, requires the capacity of a well-learned individual to tackle.


Any guide on writing a psychology essay would, however, often prioritize the need and importance of research information. The capacity to get sources to derive data for your psychology essay is vital. This may include Books, journals, online magazines and also some forms of online media like films and documentaries. The existence of various psychology models and theories should also be taken into consideration



How to write a perfect psychology essay introduction and abstract?

A good psychology essay structure should start with an abstract. An abstract exists as a pre-summary of what is going to be included in the psychology essay. The abstract should, therefore, take into account the subtopics and critical arguments presented in the essay. The content here should be brief and should often not exceed 150-200 words. The abstract of an essay precedes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.



Best Psychology essay structure

A well-formatted psychology essay structure is one which contains all the subtopics and main headings to qualify as a well-formatted psychology essay. It should, therefore, have the following main headings:

  1. Cover page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
  5. Conclusion
  6. References




  1. Cover page

A cover page acts as the introductory page to any psychology essay. As the first part of a psychology essay structure, it usually displays the Topic of the essay, the name of the student, the professor’s name and the institution name. The cover page format, however, varies according to the Formatting style indicated in the essay requirements. Good formatting styles include APA, CHICAGO, HARVARD, and MLA.

  1. Abstract

Usually consists of a summarized version of the whole essay. The abstract, therefore, highlights the essential subsections while giving a brief detail of what they entail.


  1. Introduction

The introduction as a part of a psychology essay structure often consists of a general thesis statement on the topic. The research question can be dissected in this section of the essay structure and, thus, give the reader a brief explanatory of what the subject entails. The definition of basic concepts is also contained in this section,

  1. Body

The body of an essay, including a psychology essay, should consist of some subtopics that are aimed in providing theories and arguments against the said topic. The subsections/subtopics should directly concur or argue against the said topic. This section also varies on formatting depending on the formatting style required, and this also changes accordingly.

  1. Conclusion

A conclusion is usually the last part of a psychology essay structure. This part acts as a derivation of valid conclusions to present arguments. While this is representative of the laid out arguments, a conclusion can also include a writer’s personal opinion regarding a specific topic.

  1. References

References often consist of an indication of sources that were used in writing the topic down. The References section, therefore, include the author’s name, the title of the authors content and the year the material was published. An original research paper in psychology should be well referenced. Proper referencing should include in-text citations, with examples of APA in-text citations of (Jones, 2019)


The listed parts are, therefore, the essential parts of a psychology essay structure. The laid out guide should provide comprehensive insights to a student who is looking to write a perfect psychology essay therein.  While other variations to this structure exist, this is the best-known psychology essay writing structure guide that would guarantee good student grades in their psychology essays.




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