Write a re-admission letter in absence for Fall (2013) and Spring (2014)

Write a re-admission letter in absence for Fall (2013) and Spring (2014)

Please edit my letter. Please see that.
Dear Dr. Dacco
This is Justin Ghoo, I was a student at your college. In the Fall semester (2013) I did withdraw because last summer I had rotation but the behavior and attitude of my preceptor were very bad with me and always insulted me without any reason. I became sick because of the bad behavior of my preceptor, For this reason, I talked with my course coordinator about this problem and I requested of him change my site but he told me isn’t possible and I should continue going over there until to finish my rotation. Also, he told me if I get an F grade in my rotation course, He talked with my preceptor and told me I should consider that she is a doctor and dose research therefore I shouldn’t say anything as a student. She gave me a grade of F, for this reason, I talked with Associate Dean, he told me to write an appeal about that course. I wrote an appeal but unfortunately, he didn’t solve my problem. After that, I talked with Associate Dean several times about that but it was without any result and finally told me don’t worry you can get that course again but it wasn’t a suitable answer after almost three months for me. After this event, I did withdraw because I thought when my school and faculty of that school don’t care about the problems of students why I should stay there. As a student, I had the right to request for change of my site but my course coordinator didn’t do that and didn’t attend to my problem. However after that I came back to Arizona and talked about this problem with some of my friends, they suggested to I continue my education in Arizona. For this reason, I talked with Dean and Associate Dean, They told me if your school accepts that you put leave in absence for Fall (2013) and Spring (2014) they can accept me as a transfer student.
I want to request you to help me in solving this problem because it is my goal, dream, and future. It is very important for me to continue my education in this field.
Please let me know how I can put leave in absence for Fall (2013) and Spring (2014)


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