Why you choose Columbia university

Why you choose Columbia university

I want to apply to the accounting grad school at Columbia University(the one belongs to
the ivy league). I need to answer the following three questions, 800 words per question ,
need to be no grammar mistakes.
1. Why you choose Columbia university
2. Plans for the next 3 years
3. Career plan
True feelings are very important(something soul-touching). You need to do
research to fully understand what kind of student does Columbia wants. You need
to combine what the school concern with my own condition strategically.
Personal Information( there is no need for you to use all the following, I’m just
telling you a little about myself. For the most part, you need to make it up.
Remember I’m a foreign student and devoted to accounting major)
Graduate from Pennsylvania State University’s main campus- University Park.
Majored in HRIM- Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management, I also took
many business courses (Finance, accounting, management, marketing), which are
more related to the hotel industry. The reason I want to change to Accounting major
for grad school is that I got inspired by my accounting Professor-Michael P.
Quinn. I took his HRIM336- Managerial Accounting. He is very strict with students
but being a great help and encouraging a lot to me. I’m not the smart one but I can
say I’m the most hardworking student in the class. He saw the huge progress I made
from every assignment. Every time at the end of the class, I stayed and ask him
questions about the lecture for that day. For the second, third midterm exam, I got
the highest score in the class. The whole process is not that easy for me like it
sounds. Because my English was not very good at the beginning. (you can add
something for this part, imaging you in another country using another language to
learn some major courses. I admitted that I was not even confident to raise my
hand and answer questions during classes for the first two years)(to explain why I
want to change my major, you need to think of some good reason. To be honest,
I’m just inspired by my professor and really like accounting.)
By the way, I’m a Chinese girl, because of the language barrier, My grade for the
first two years of my college life is not very good. But I never give up. I learned
how to communicate with others in their ways, I put a lot more effort than
students who speak the native language. When I made up my mind I will never quit
on that. That’s part of my personality. When I meet challenges I overcome them.
The reason why I choose Columbia…that’s a tricky question. The real answer
is it is a top-ranking school around the world and I love new york. But you
can’t say that. You can do some research and add your own thoughts.
Talk about my plans in three years, I really don’t have anything special.
Complete the master degree—takes 2 years, do some internship, and pass the
CPA(certified public accountant) exam. You may need to add some ideas for this
Career planning—I will choose to stay in the accounting field, I don’t think salary is the most important thing for me when choosing a job, I care more about the company itself, will it provide me with more opportunities? Will I get promotions in the next few years? Or another thought, work with my friends to start our own
company. I could be in charge of the accounting area. Again, nothing special. You
can definitely add your own thoughts.


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