Why do we fight wars?

Why do we fight wars?

ASSIGNMENT for WAR: I want you to look at all the material presented below, and with them and the textbook in mind, write a single, larger reflection that incorporates all the war videos, textbook, and other material and addresses these questions:

(1) Why do we fight wars and

(2) What would it take for peace to always dominate over the rush to war?

Things to consider: How do you view the idea of weapons of war industry–of making profits from wars? Should we sell weapons to countries that plan or enact wars, which are run by dictators and gangsters?  What about politics–what do you think about using war to get elected, or to improve the economy, to get rid of people you don’t like?

Last, what is the ethics of war, when every war kills a larger percentage of non-combatants (civilians) as compared to people in uniform, and when war does not win us anything, as in the case of Iraq or Viet Nam?  Is it important for us as a nation to study and reflect on failed wars like these? Who should decide on going to war?


Why We Fight Part 1 of 10



Sale; War for profit?



Sudan Child refugees become child soldiers



The other material will be uploaded to the file.


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