Which brand currently uses the “arm punch” device?

Which brand currently uses the “arm punch” device?

Discussion: Hi Dear Please answer this question for one page and write your comments about three of my classmates for one page also ” please each comment must be Separate” with attachments you can see the answers about this question from my classmates.

Discussion: Brand Communications
Brands sometimes create some interesting twists in their marketing. See if you can identify the following automobile brands.
Which brand currently uses the “arm punch” device?
Which brand continues to use the words “zoom-zoom”?
Which brand used the odd term “Farfegnugen”?
Which brand spends a million dollars a day on research to keep drivers safe?
Which upscale brand is often represented by a logo that does not incorporate its name?
Most of you will have little trouble identifying these brands, having seen advertising and promotional signage for them, or perhaps just “knowing” that fact about the car brand.

Select one of the brands above and share your recollections about how you learned what you “know” about the brand. Was all of your brand knowledge generated by advertising? What other factors contributed to what you know? Can you determine what information came from what source? See if your classmates have had the same experiences, and then discuss what the company did to create that knowledge on behalf of their brand.

Be sure to make your original post first and then, read and respond to your classmates’ answers.


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