What song the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid among women, although puzzling questions are not beyond all conjecture

What song the Syrens sang, or what name Achilles assumed when he hid among women, although puzzling questions are not beyond all conjecture

Contextual Interrogation Paper for Inquiry #2,
8-10 pages, due by midnight Friday, October 31st, to Niihka Dropbox
What I am asking you to do:
Write a paper, 8-10 pages in length, in which you present an argument for the
contextual significance of a text of your choice. You will be limited to any of the stories
from Night Shift, The Portable Poe, and I, Robot. Your final paper will be the
combination of two shorter assignments which will adhere to the following guidelines:
Once you have selected the short story you will be working with, you will collect
secondary sources in an Annotated Bibliography with at least four entries. Each of these
annotations should explain how the secondary source deepens your contextual
understanding of the original text. These annotations should also include how you will
incorporate this knowledge in your final paper. Each annotation should be on its own
page, which will culminate in at least four pages of your final assignment.
After compiling an Annotated Bibliography of at least four entries, you will then
write a 4+ page essay, in which you will analyze the contextual works that surround the
the original text you’ve chosen and how it changes the way you understand that original text.
Consider how the cultural and historical context of the story changes your understanding
of the text. How does it reflect its history, and what does the story have to say about it?
How does the story exist within its culture? What makes it a part of our culture, and what
is it borrowing from in order to be the work that it is? Make use of the sources from your
Annotated Bibliography in order to support your claims towards the cultural and/or
historical significance of the text. You should also draw connections across multiple texts
in order to further explain how you selected text is a product of and/or produces the genre
it belongs to.
I will supply written comments on your paper, with an eye toward helping you
improve in the next paper and following drafts, but I am always happy to meet with you
before and after a paper to discuss it. I will read drafts outside of the first one required
from you, but only if you meet with me to read and discuss the draft together; I will not
offer written feedback on drafts that are not due for class.


Academic LevelCollege (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject AreaEnglish 101
Paper Type Annotated bibliography
Number of Pages4 Page(s)/1100 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced
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