what should we do about music piracy?

what should we do about music piracy?

Read the full article and then write a fully 3 page, no more than 4 pages (double-spaced) public narrative for yourself.

story of self – what is your expense
why do you care?
story of as -why should we all care?
who else cares about music piracy?
story of now – what should we do about music piracy?

Also In the reading, Marshall Ganz talks about public narratives and how they are useful for making positive change (of ALL kinds!) in our world. In line with his recommendations, you should find something you’re passionate about, something that 1) you have some kind of personal experience with (story of self); 2) something that you know others are concerned about too, and they have good reason to be concerned (story of us); and 3) something that you want to impact, something you want to change to make the situation better (story of now). Try as hard as you can to speak relatively evenly to each of the three pieces. Your topic does not have to be directly related to what we’ve covered in class.

(i need some mistakes in the essay because I am an international student. )


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