What are productivity apps?

What are productivity apps?

“Productivity Apps” By Ge Chen

Exact Purpose: After listening to my presentation, the audience will be informed of
the productivity apps and why I recommended audience those productivity apps.
I. Attention-getter: Did you know there is a way that can improve people’s
efficiency? Improve working efficiency, improve personal and department ' s
II. Qualifications: I use the To-do List app, and it is really improving my efficiency.
These apps usually are easy to use and with beautiful design.

III. Motivation: People know that self-monitoring can be difficult sometimes,
therefore, if there is an app that can manage their schedule, remind them of things that
will be very helpful.

IV. Thesis: Today we are going to learn about productivity apps and how these
apps help people improve efficiency.

I. What are productivity apps?
A. The term productivity software is usually used as a category of
applications dedicated to helping accomplish specific jobs such as
documents, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, charts, and graphs,
create digital paintings, electronic music, make digital movies,
B. Productivity software helps the professional or common user to enhance
and complete their tasks. There is no computer or operating system
that lacks some sort of productivity software of any kind.

II. How productivity apps work?
A. The base function of productivity apps is to save user’s time.
For example, TO-DO list, this app allow user to create events, then
remind user.
B. Some productivity apps prove user quick tools to simplify use.
III. Does productivity apps improve efficiency?

A. TO-DO List can create an event by typing, voice, picture and
video, it will Auto-Sync to between different devices.
B. TO-DO List can set the time for every event, therefore the user will
not forget things.

1. Productivity apps are not hard to uses.
2. It saves the user time and simplifies things.
3. It really improves efficiency.

1. What is so productive about productivity software? By Jonathan Strickland
2. Software Productivity by Robert Sidler MSIS 488 Fall 2002


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