This Practice Assessment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to produce effective business messages

This Practice Assessment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to produce effective
business messages

This Practice Assessment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to produce effective
business messages. You will have 80 minutes to complete the Assessment. The prompt is based on the
previously-provided items on organics and whether or not they are fraudulent. These provide you with all the
relevant data you need to complete the Assessment. You may have a hard-copy of the articles and one sheet of
hand-written notes with you during the assessment. International students may use an online dictionary if
Type your response to the prompt below as a Word document. Since only allows one file per
assignment, type each part on a new page in the same document. Save your work regularly as you type to
prevent losing your document.
1. At the top of your first page, write the following:
• your name
• your class (BCOM315 Fall 2014)
• the time and date you took your test
2. Insert a page break, and then start composing your message on Page 2. Keep in mind that you are trying
to demonstrate your ability to produce a high-quality, effective business message. Be sure to leave time to
proofread and revise your document.
3. When you have finished your Assessment, submit your document (one file only) to the Practice Writing
Assessment learning module on our blackboard. Remember that it takes two steps to submit
papers—first, you upload your file, then you OK the copy that they show you. Be sure that your message
is properly submitted. You have also required to email yourself a back-up copy.
You will be evaluated on your ability to generate an effective business message according to the Eller
Professional Writing Standards. The Professional Writing Standards may be found on your course Bb site.

You have been working as a Marketing and Communications professional at the Carolinas HealthCare System.
Carolinas HealthCare System provides health and wellness programs throughout North and South Carolina. This
the network of nearly 800 care locations is one of the nation’s leading, and innovative healthcare systems, so you
feel fortunate to have landed an entry-level position fresh out of college.
After settling into your awesome new position, you have been given an assignment from your immediate
supervisor, Scott White. You and he had a meeting in his office wherein he explained that the phenomenon of
medical tourism (aka “health tourism”) has been growing worldwide in recent years. (Personally, you had never
even heard of medical tourism until Scott mentioned it !) Apparently, a lot of individuals in the surrounding
communities in North and South Carolina have been learning about medical tourism and have contacted the
Carolinas HealthCare System to inquire about the safety of engaging in some medical tourism travel of their
own. Scott asked you to do some research specifically focused on the hazards/cons/dangers of health tourism.
After a cursory search on the internet, you have located two articles and one broadcast that discuss the topic: A
CNN broadcast, an article from the CDC, and an online piece from NewsMedical. You reviewed your findings

with Scott and he approved of your sources. Subsequently, he has asked you to compose an email that could be
sent out in response to inquiries about medical tourism. This is not a particularly sensitive topic, at least it isn’t
YET. So you won’t need to worry that the readers will be reluctant to receive your information.
Scott was adamant that he wants the email to be a persuasive piece convincing the recipients to be careful and
look at both the pros and cons of such travel… especially the cons. Bottom line: Scott wants you to briefly cover
the topic in general (what IS medical tourism), then explain both the positives and negatives, BUT he wants you
to hit the negatives more heavily. Ultimately, the email should persuade the readers to seriously consider the
hazards of engaging in this practice.

Your Task:
 Recall the AIDA structure of the persuasive documents you did in your BCOM315 class : )
 Keep the text to a reasonable length so you won’t lose your readers. (2 pages maximum)
 The document must be approved by your supervisor. HOWEVER, for the purposes of this practice
assessment, no transmittal email is needed.
 Now that you have perfected the FANBOYS comma, include one FANBOYS comma sentence and
highlight it.
 Because the email, once approved, will go to those inquiring about medical tourism, you don’t have the
name or email of any recipients. For this practice assessment, identify the recipient as “John Doe” with
an email of
 The email will go out under the signature of the CEO of the Carolinas HealthCare System, Michael C.
Contact information:
CEO of Carolinas HealthCare System:
Your boss:
Your email:


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