The struggles of undocumented female Mexican immigrants

The struggles of undocumented female Mexican immigrants

Composition 1 Outline

Composition topic: The struggles of undocumented female Mexican immigrants.
Type of audience I am writing for: Government officials, human rights activists, and any
members of the general public that may be interested (to raise public awareness about the
I. Introduction
A. “The female Mexican population currently accounts for 46% of the nearly 12
million Mexican migrants living in the United States” (Castaneda et al. 2).
B. Illegal immigration from Mexico to America has always been a subject of political
controversy, however, from the perspective of the female undocumented immigrant it
becomes a matter of survival and human rights.
C. The issues of physical abuse, economic hardship, and social inequality for female
undocumented immigrants.
D. Illegal immigrant – someone who has entered a country illegally and lives in a country
without legal status.
E. “Twelve percent of deportees had witnessed some form of violence against
women during the crossing, including rape, beatings, and kidnapping” (Shen).
“Among all immigrants, 50.2 percent were men and 49.8 percent were women”
“Low-wage workers from Mexico dominate latest great wave of immigrants”
“Unauthorized immigrant women do the jobs that put food on the plates of
Americans, but face harassment and other challenges in the workplace” (CNN Wire Staff).
“The Mexican immigrant population in the United States, in particular, experiences
an unfavorable process of socioeconomic integration and, as a result, is less likely to be
covered by health insurance programs” (Angoa et al.).
F. This research is significant in trying to increase public awareness about the poor
treatment of undocumented female Mexican immigrants and trying to encourage government
officials and human rights activists to do something to help them overcome the different
struggles. The research is about the different ways in which the women are suffering so that
people know about it and something can be done.

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G. There are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in American nowadays. 52% of
the undocumented immigrants are Mexican, of which a large portion appears to be unmarried
females or single moms. They are here in America expecting better work and higher wage, but
their identity imposes restrictions on them. In the past, females usually followed their husbands,
but now an increasing number of undocumented female immigrants have been moving to
America on their own.
H. Thesis: The problems related to illegal immigration have generally become more
severe, with undocumented female immigrants from Mexico facing more problems related
to physical abuse, economic hardship, and social inequality.

II. Body
A. The problem of physical abuse begins with the process of moving from Mexico to
America, when women may be exploited in several ways.
 1. Coming alone, they become more vulnerable to physical abuse like
rape, beatings, and kidnapping.
 2. It is true that the women are migrating illegally, but these
crimes committed against them are so heinous that any human
being should have the right to legally prosecute against the
 3. Out of fear of deportation, many female undocumented
immigrants continue being victims of physical abuse even after
their entry into the United States.

B. Main point: The undocumented female workers have to work at very low wages.
 1. The immigrants may often be paid very little money which
makes it difficult for them to survive.
 2. The wages are unfair, since others doing the same work get paid
more than them.
 3. There is no hope or opportunity for growth because they will not get
paid more even if they do a good job.

C. Main point: The undocumented female workers have to do the most difficult jobs.

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 1. They are usually hired to do labor like cleaning.
 2. Some of the work is not suitable for females because they have
weaker bodies.
 3. They do not get maternity leave even when they are pregnant, which
can make doing the job very dangerous for them at times.

D. Main point: There is not enough legal representation and rights for the undocumented
female workers.
 1. If there is theft at their house, they can report it to police because
they don’t want people to know they are living there illegally.
 2. When there is a murder of an undocumented female worker it may
not get enough attention because they did not even exist in legal
 3. Often other people have more rights than the undocumented female
workers, so the law is against them even if they are the victim.

E. Main point: There is very little healthcare coverage available for undocumented
female immigrants.
 1. Usually the undocumented female workers cannot afford healthcare
due to their low wages.
 2. Even if they could afford healthcare, female undocumented
immigrants from Mexico cannot access many of the medical
 3. Female undocumented immigrants may be denied health care even
in an emergency or when pregnant, despite being in dire need of
health care.

III. Conclusion
A. Reworded thesis: The struggles of female undocumented immigrants are
worsening not only due to the rising population of this demographic group, but
also due to the increasing severity of the problems that they face.

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B. Brief summary: The struggles of female undocumented immigrants include physical
abuse, low wages, doing very difficult jobs, having very few legal rights, and having
very little healthcare coverage.

C. Clincher to end with: Government officials and human rights activists should put
more effort into resolving the problems that the undocumented female Mexican
immigrants face because it is a matter of human rights.


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