Students will discuss and reflect on the larger role of a thermodynamic topic in society

Students will discuss and reflect on the larger role of a thermodynamic topic in society

Team Oral Presentation

To consider contemporary issues, practice team communication skills, and exercise synthetic thinking through a formal team oral presentation.

 Students will discuss and reflect on the larger role of a thermodynamic topic in society. Engineering is a human endeavor that has cultural
and social consequences.
It must be very clear what the individual did what; take specific roles. Don’t repeat one another. Synthesis is important.
Use interdisciplinary thinking to address your topic.
Practice collaborative thinking; what is your insight? Be creative!
Can you integrate knowledge? Are you able to see the larger context, the interconnectedness of the world?
Try to understand the impact of engineering in a global and societal context.

Address pros & cons, costs, state of technology, major players, make your talk interesting & engaging. Cite your sources. Meet with your team at
At least once a week after class or outside of class to ensure team progress.

Each team member speaks for 5 minutes, and 5 minutes are reserved for questions and answers.

Management No introduction or
overview, background or

Introduction of
presenters but awkward,
sketchy or unclear
overview/agenda and

Introduction of
overview/agenda/background not concise or

Confident and fluent
introduction; clear
overview/agenda and
background, but could
be more complete or
polished; ends abruptly.

Confident introduction of
roles and contribution;
clear purpose, overview
and agenda; relevant &
clear background. Crisp

Organization Random presentation
with abrupt transitions
between topics;
significant gaps.

Audience can follow the
presentation, but it is
poorly organized, has
gaps or rough

Mostly logical
organization, some
points are difficult to
follow, relatively
complete coverage of

Logical organization,
complete coverage,
relatively easy to follow.

Logical organization,
easy to follow, all
transitions are smooth,
complete and balanced

Rationale Little or no reasoning,
explanation, or evidence

Reasoning and
evidence presented but
not well organized or
poor sources.

Good logical reasoning
and evidence, sources
acknowledged but not

Good logical reasoning
and evidence, sources
integrated with coverage
of topic.

Logical reasoning with
authoritative references
on key points.

Graphics No graphics. Graphics of poor quality. Well done graphics but
too much or too little,
and not on key points.

Well done graphics
cover key topics.

Original graphics, well-
designed and attractive
that simplify or
summarize key ideas.

Style Poor style.
(ummm and other
distracting mannerisms,
poor eye contact,
monotone speech)

Reading or awkward
delivery. Some use of

Generally good delivery,
but spontaneity could

Good delivery and
spontaneity using topic
specific vocabulary.

Excellent style, good
projection with inflection,
spontaneous speaking.

Technical fit to

Total ignorance how
topic fits with class

Reluctantly recognizes
how topic fits with class

Usually recognizes and
includes relevant issues
with class topics

Recognizes and
includes relevant issues
with class topics

Proactively recognizes,
anticipates and includes
relevant issues with
class topics


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaThermodynamics
Paper Type Presentation or speech
Number of Pages2 Page(s)/550 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced
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