sporting talent. Do you think Apple’s superior technology is helping it to achieve market shares?

Prepares the writing research into 950 words and with 1 more resource from a book.General Guidelines for Written Assignments, Presentations, & Exams (if any)
 All assignments should include a cover page with a title and the student’s name on it, the answers to the questions, up to two additional pages of exhibits, and a separate page of references at the end.  They must be free from formatting/grammar/spelling/punctuation/typo errors and should use the Harvard System of Referencing. All sources of information must be cited and a list of references included when they are used for sources such as the textbook, any articles read, websites used, personal communications with other people, and so on.  Assignments should use appropriate formatting with headings and must be double-spaced, single-column documents with 1″ margins using 12-point type in Times New Roman or 10-point type Arial font unless indicated otherwise.  Any exhibits (e.g., pictures, figures, graphs, tables, charts, calculations, and spreadsheets) must be created using a computer (no credit will be given for written or hand drawn exhibits).  Please raise any concerns regarding a specific assignment or exam grade within one week of receiving it – the instructor will be happy to review the grade but keep in mind that it is also possible that a grade could potentially be lowered. Assignments and exams typically cannot be “redone” for more points.  Students may have other people look over their work in order to check for English related errors but no one else can have any input regarding the actual content of the assignment. Assignments will be evaluated for plagiarism using Turnitin.
Questions [5+5+5+5=20 marks]
Answer the following questions related to the case study in no more than two double-spaced pages of text. Include the aforementioned cover page at the beginning and a page of references at the end which would make the total number of pages four. Up to two additional pages of optional exhibits, which would be placed before the reference page and bring the total possible number of pages to six, may be included if desired (not simply more explanatory text though), but an explanation would need to be included in the body of the paper to indicate to the reader what each exhibit means and why it is relevant. Include at least two references in addition to the textbook and the case study itself (NO Wikipedia references may be used in university level assignments).
1. What do you think was the main reason for iPhone’s success in America? 2. With tough competition from Nokia, HTC and Blackberry, do you think iPhone is as successful in Europe as in America? Why or why not? 3. Help Apple to formulate a strategy and a marketing plan for Europe. Recall that the traditional 4 P’s of the marketing mix are product, price, place and promotion and the newer 7 P’s of marketing can be found here: – address all 7 of the P’s in your marketing plan. You can also find a great deal of information about the Ps of marketing on the internet. 4. sporting talent. Do you think Apple’s superior technology is helping it to achieve market shares? Discuss.Discipline: nature and nurture


Academic LevelMaster’s
Subject AreaGeology
Paper Type Research paper
Number of Pages2 Page(s)/550 words
Paper FormatAPA
SpacingDouble spaced

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