address the student’s self-assessment in terms of their future role in the criminal justice system and how his/her personal bias can result in professional decision making/outcomes.

Overview and/or description of the historical event or period; Discussion of the Cinematic representation of the event or period (story, mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, music, etc.)

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing how information systems are changing various aspects of the accounting profession. Include a description of several new technologies and their effects on accounting processes.

Please find the number one health issue within that country, and research the policies and/or economics actions that this country is taking to combat the problem.

How does Liferay’s development model differ from a typical closed-source development model? What is Liferay’s platform strategy?

What steps can local police departments take in order to implement a policy standard for dealing with illegal immigrants?

Definitions of Job, Career, and Calling

Problem Solving and the Decision Making Process

Discuss the concepts of silent racism, prejudice, and color­blind racism. How, according to Barbara Trepagnier, does silent racism differ from prejudice?

In approx. 150-200 words examine the slave trade. Discuss its African and trans-Saharan roots. What were the economic foundations of the slave trade? Examine the middle passage of the slave trade. Discuss the nature of the journey. What percentage survived the journey?

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