how secure is e-commerce?

The research paper guidelines and requirements will be uploaded with the order request.
You can choose any thesis statement that is relevant. But it should be related to the thesis question
i preferred that the sources be .org or .gov or any other academic source including the author journal.

Research   Essay Proposal

Name: Mohamed Ahmed Alzarooni        100042007

Topic: online trading (e-commerce)


  • Non-secure online payments
  • Slow performance
  • DIY and not relying on expert advice/help

Research Question: how secure is e-commerce?

Define your terms:

  • Secure: Thefts
  • E-commerce: buying or selling or commodities through the internet electronically

Working Thesis:

Many people go through online trading now days but they don’t know if it is safe and secure.



The number of people who have been cheated through the online trading from fake companies and hackers.  Conferences with real examples on how the online trading can be not secure. Police and educational channels (National geographic)


Evaluation of this source.




This source is proved somewhat credible because it is a governmental website.

It is relevant to my research question. It has been recently updated. it includes references. However, there is no information available on the author of the article.


Academic LevelCollege (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject AreaBusiness Studies
Paper Type Research paper
Number of Pages6 Page(s)/1650 words
Paper FormatAPA
SpacingDouble spaced

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