Looking On and Looking the Other Way: Hotel Rwanda and the Racialised

Looking On and Looking the Other Way: Hotel Rwanda and the Racialised

Order instruction: The paper should be analyzed, need to connect to the
reading and the film. Not a summary.
For each film, need to answer the prompt effectively and receive full points,
you must draw explicitly and meaningfully on at least one reading for that film.
Essays that involve opinion (“Interesting film and I really liked the special
effects!”), vague and vacant commentary (“This film really made me think. I’ll
never look at Africa in the same way again.”), or plot summary will not receive
a grade higher than 2 (out of 10). AVOID
SUMMARIZING THE PLOT. You will need to refer in detail to specific scenes,
dialogue, or characters to answer the prompt, but do so only to illustrate your
analytical point. To achieve a high grade, you must analyze the film, citing at
least one reading for that film and demonstrating conceptual and/or filmic
understanding of the African studies topic under discussion.
When referring to reading, please include an in-text citation using (, Author
Last Name, page #) format to indicate the location of the idea or quotation in
that reading. There is no need for bibliography at the end; the in-text citation
will suffice.
Note on readings: Whenever possible, I have provided several readings for
each film. I do not expect you to do every reading. Rather, I expect you to
peruse the IMDB information, read ONE review, and choose ONE reading that
sparks your interest and complete these before our class session. The
readings will help you understand the film and we will refer to them in
discussion; they will also help you answer the essay prompt.
The paper needs to be thoughtful, analytical comments about the film
and/or respond thoughtfully and analytically. As above, opinion or
summary will earn few points, whereas solid analysis, discussion of
concepts, and treatment of films as texts will earn the most points.
Tragedy & Revolution
Fri, 4/18 Genocide
Hotel Rwanda (Rwanda; 2004; 122 min)
Reviews & film information
– IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0395169/
– Roger Ebert:
– New York Times:

– Variety: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117924907?refcatid=31
– “The Dangerous Spring of 1994,” Jared Cohen
– “Getting Out,” Jared Cohen
– “Looking On and Looking the Other Way: Hotel Rwanda (2004) and the

Ethics of Spectatorship,” Michele Aaron
– “Call to Genocide: Radio in Rwanda, 1994,” Alison Des Forges


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaGeography
Paper Type Essay
Number of Pages1 Page(s)/275 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced
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