Is there a tension between liberty and patriotism? explain

Is there a tension between liberty and patriotism? explain

Choose from among the following 2 questions for the take-home essay examination write 2 pages on each for a total of 4 pages while you are not allowed to collaborate with each other you are allowed to consult any library source you wish however bear in mind that this is an essay examination rather than a term paper so sources per se are not required though not required the use of outside sources will probably improve the quality of your essays and therefore your grade if you do use outside sources you should make the appropriate citation form of citation does not matter as long as it is logical and consistent as for grading criteria I will be looking for logic insight originality and coherence grammar spelling and mechanics will also factor into the grade essays should be typed or word-processed double spaced using a# 12 font and stapled in the upper left- hand corner please do not submit in binders or folders. essays are due in class at class time on October 16th they will be collected at the end of the class period please plan to stay for the entire class session as an essay rather than a fully annotated term paper this take-home exam does not require a title page or table of contents

1: Argue against a bill of rights. tell why the original constitution – according to your argument – did not need a bill of rights.

2: Is there a tension between liberty and patriotism? explain


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