How Does its Changes Effect the Workplace?

You are required to write one research paper for this course.  A PowerPoint Presentation must accompany your paper.  You may select from the following topics: 

The Civil Rights Act of 1991: How Does its Changes Effect the Workplace?

The Case Against Affirmative Action 

Organization-Based vs. Outsourced Recruiting

 The New Context of Training and Performance Consulting

 360 Degree Evaluation: The Pros and Cons of Multi-Source Performance Appraisal

 Developing Effective Individual Incentive Systems








Mandatory requirements for this Project are as follows:  MS Word/PowerPoint Format  The MS Word Document Submitted to  Both Documents Attached in the Assignment Feature in Blackboard  APA Research Paper Format (If you are unfamiliar with APA, request assistance in Writing Lab or go online: – this is a major requirement for this project!)

Other requirements for the Research Paper (Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in point deduction – see Rubric):  12 PT font in Arial style  1” Margins  Double Spaced  The order of the paper should be: Cover Page, Abstract with Keywords Page, Body of Paper must be at least five (5) full pages, References Page.  Total amount of pages must be at least eight (8) pages.  At least five references used to support your topic: The course text must be one of them, no more than two internet websites; the other two can be books/journal/magazine articles. and are not acceptable sources.  You may use each reference no more than three (3) times within your paper.  Your references should support your paper, not be the bulk of your paper (see Rubric).

Other requirements for the PowerPoint Presentation (Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in point deduction – see Rubric):  High level presentation based on the Research Paper topic (do not copy entire paper into presentation!)  7-10 Slides (no less than 7, no more than 10)  Must be creative and visibly appealing  Must follow the accompanying submitted paper  Must have citations within presentation  Must have a References/Works Cited slide

All MS Word documents must be submitted into prior to submission to Blackboard (not PowerPoints).  Project will receive a zero (0) unless the paper is submitted both in and Blackboard and the PowerPoint submitted in Blackboard.  See information in Course Documents.  Do not plagiarize, intentionally or unintentionally.  Make sure you quote direct phrases, cite both direct phrases and paraphrased material!  Failure to cite properly, to not cite at all, or to not quote direct phrases when required IS plagiarism, whether you intended to do so or not.  Refer to the Turnitin and Plagiarism Clarifications Document found in Course Documents section in Blackboard for details.


Academic LevelCollege (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject AreaBusiness Studies
Paper Type Essay
Number of Pages5 Page(s)/1375 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced

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