History of educational administration and its growth in Saudi Arabia

History of educational administration and its growth in Saudi Arabia


Proposal to join the Master’s program
( leadership and management in education)
1 / the most important things I want to talk about it are:
* How to manage the classroom.
And defined the most important problems that hinder classroom management
* The most important and modern teaching methods that can be used to attract the attention of learners
2 / history of educational administration and its growth in Saudi Arabia
3 / articles about educational administration and the reason for your interest in it
4 / my courses
: 1 modern teaching methods 2 creative thinking) cort
About Me
I got a bachelor’s degree from the College of Education& literature in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia in 2005 I worked in the field of education as a teacher at the secondary level from 2006 to this day I got many
Educational Courses in the field of education

Master in Education 12/13
Writing a Research Proposal

Listed below are some of the areas that you should aim to address within your research
proposal. You do not have to strictly adhere to the following list but it may be useful to
help structure your thinking and to map out your proposal. If applicable you are more
then welcome to construct your own headings within the context of your own proposal.

1. Title.
2. A brief description of the area in which you are planning to explore, the background
and its relevance/significance.
3. An outline of the literature review – identifying the significant literature and
establishing what is already known in relation to the area/focus, establishing gaps in
the literature/knowledge etc.
4. The main aims of the research; the questions/objectives/hypotheses to be explored.
5. The research approach or approaches to be adopted e.g. case study, action research,
survey etc. and the rationale for the use of this approach.
6. The data collection tools to be developed and used e.g. interviews, questionnaires,
observations, etc., and the rationale for their use. Triangulation.
7. Sampling strategies and issues of representativeness. Validity and reliability.
8. The relationship between the ‘researcher’ and the ‘researched’ i.e. ethics.
9. Limitations of the research.
10. A timeline for the research.
11. An outline of the dissertation chapters (in as far as is possible at this stage)

Word Limit: 2,000 words
6th May 2012
Please email your proposal to cpdinfo@tcd.ie on or prior to this date. Please keep a backup copy for yourself.


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaEducation
Paper Type Research proposal
Number of Pages4 Page(s)/2200 words
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