History about the statue of Melpomene

History about the statue of Melpomene

Research Paper Outline of Melpomene

Official requirement:
The paper length is based on the following: double-spaced pages with standard margins; bibliography,
endnotes and illustrations do not count (but are a critical component of your paper; remember: “when in
doubt, footnote!”). Endnote and bibliography style should be based on the Chicago Manual of Style Author-
Date system (http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html).
The standard paper handles the following topics:
The statues: name, type, date, style, artist (if known), museums and inventory numbers today, typical
use by the Romans
The statues at Hadrian’s Villa: are they known to have been part of the imperial collection? Do we know
in what part of the villa they were erected? The specific statues or casts you used for your modeling project
Description of the state of preservation of the statues/casts used
Description of your work to create the state models
Description of your work to create the restoration models
Justification of digital restorations incorporated in your restoration models
Possible place(s) in Hadrian’s Villa your statues might have stood
Illustrations (these should be labeled as “figures.” In your paper, you should make reference to these
figures to document your argument).

My outline
I. Introduction of Melpomene
A. Introduce the status of Melpomene
1. Melpomene is one of the nine Muses, the goddesses of music, song, and dance. She
was also called the Muse of tragedy. (Atsma) The mask on her arm is a post-classical
2. Explain the uses of the statue by Romans in ancient time, where did they put the
the statue and what did they do with the statue.
B. Introduce Hadrian’s Villa
1. Villa’s history of its construction, ownership, and meaningful events happened
before. Describe the history of the owner of the villa and significant events.
2. Relationship between the villa and statue of Melpomene, when did people put the
statue into the villa and detailed information.
3. Describe the preservation of the statue. Discuss the recovered components of the
statue, where did they found, and related events. (before this is your part)

II. Description of my works (after this is my part)
A. Describe the process of my work to create and restore the statues, explain the preferred
after restored looking.
B. Explain the operations in the restoration process, and the reasons for using different
III. Conclusion

A. Analyze the possible places in the villa where the statues might have been placed
before and after. Make assumptions of possible damage or reconstruction of the statue.
B. Conclude the experience I received from this project and knowledge about Greek


Atsma, Aaron. MELPOMENE: Goddess Muse of Tragedy Plays. Retrieved October 28, 2014, from


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaEnglish 101
Paper Type History
Number of Pages4 Page(s)/1100 words
Paper FormatChicago / Turabian
SpacingDouble spaced
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