Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents

Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents

Victor Strasburger et al. “Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents”; Faye Mishna et al. “Real-World Dangers in and Online Reality” AND Cheryl Olson “Media Violence Research and Youth Violence Data.”

The essay should be a comparative analysis of the three texts listed on your course syllabus. Your task is twofold: you need to guide your reader through their main arguments and to compare them. Be careful to make connections between them in order to avoid producing three autonomous summaries. Also, be sure to integrate
attribution phrases and in-text citations.
 Outline required. Either block by block or point by point model. Follow model
comparison handout.
 Introductory paragraph with a thesis statement
 Identification of the texts and authors in the introductory paragraph
 Clear structure
 Conclusion paragraph
 Acknowledgment phrases used to identify sources AND intext citations for
quotations and paraphrases. Choose either APA or MLA style for your intext
 At the end of the assignment create a bibliography with the three texts in either
MLA or APA style.
 Note: work with obvious errors in spelling or paragraphing will get an F grade
Length: 800 words


Academic LevelCollege (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject AreaEnglish 101
Paper Type Essay
Number of Pages3 Page(s)/825 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced
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