How do we understand the processes of globalisation in the contemporary world, particularly in the Muslim and Arab world?

Students should attempt to answer one question, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the theories and their application through their critical and analytical writings.

Five sessions are specifically allocated for Globalisation, Multiculturalism and different aspects religion affecting Muslims and the Islamic world.

In section 1 of reports one and two, students should select ONE question and attempt to answer the question analytically to indicate their critical knowledge and understanding of the topic. What have they learnt about the topic and relevant theories? What are the main issues, and how do they understand these issues? And how does the topic relate to the students?

Section 1: focus on ONE of the following topics: (900-1080) words
1. How do we understand the processes of globalisation in the contemporary world, particularly in the Muslim and Arab world?
2. How does the study of multiculturalism address key issues and challenges in today’s world?
3. Does Islam provide a framework for multiculturalism and diversity, and in what ways can this framework be understood in theory and practice?
4. To what extent are globalisation and multiculturalism challenges or opportunities for contemporary Muslim nations?

Section 2 of the reports will require students to give a clear understanding of the issues they have been discussing and reading about in the classes – some of which may be more interesting and some more challenging.
Section 2: Short reflections: most interesting and most challenging issues(600-720) Words
 What topics/issues have interested them the most in the past week? What
do they want to learn about further relating to these topics?
 What topics/issues have they found most challenging? What further can they do to explore these topics to overcome the challenges?

The first part has to be (900-1080) words and second section has to be 600-720) Words

You have to use this link to get resources

Also, you have to write which page and the line so that i can read the information directly from the resource. Remember this is a must if you don’t share the page number and the paragraph number and line i will request a revision

Use the links that are only related to Globalization, Multiculturalism and Muslims

Thank You and Good Luck


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaSociology
Paper Type Research paper
Number of Pages6 Page(s)/1650 words
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