Explain Dual bottom line theory

Explain Dual bottom line theory

Answering Questions.
First Question (Explain)?

-Dual bottom line theory
-Failures theory and the degree of importance of such a theory
-Filling the gaps with nonprofits theory
-Nonprofit leadership—CEO as well as Board leadership
-Volunteers and Staff, distinguish differences as well as recognize

Discuss mergers and consolidations and when one might want to pursue these.
What is the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Second Question?
In the Wells text, which pertains to financial statements, budgets, and
writing effective grants, you should be able to answer questions regarding
these areas of interest.:

Discuss the various financial statements, e.g. balance sheet, income
statements, and explain similarities and differences between nonprofit and
for-profit financial statements.

explaining the protocols of budgeting, the importance of budgeting, and who
plays key roles in budgeting.

explaining the protocols of grant writing, how to write a successful grant
the proposal, differences between federal grants and private foundation grants
and how writing for each differs.



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