Evaluation in organizations: A systematic approach to enhancing learning, performance, and change

Evaluation in organizations: A systematic approach to enhancing learning, performance, and change

HRD 473/573 Evaluation of Learner Performance

Application Assignment # 3 (A-3);(possible points = 50)
This assignment relates to the material shown in chapter 10 of our textbook and involves the analysis and application of survey instruments in training/learning programs. Please carefully read the following assignment:
1. Approach the human resources department of an organization of your choice. Ask the HR or HRD director or HR Generalist for a copy of a survey utilized by the organization to evaluate a trainee’s level of learning following a training/learning initiative (program). The survey that you acquire should be blank with no answers present!
2. Scan the survey or questionnaire and submit it in Blackboard along with a word document with your name, the course name and number, and the date of submission in the upper-left-hand corner. If you do not have a scanner mail the survey to my office with your name and the course name shown in the upper left-hand corner of the document.
3. Read chapter 10 of our textbook. Carefully review the survey you acquired and address the following items on the word document that you submit in Blackboard for this assignment:
a. Title of the Survey (explain what is the message being conveyed).
b. Assurances of anonymity and confidentiality for the respondent (if present, describe).
c. Are instructions present at the beginning of the survey? If so, what is the message conveyed to the respondents?
d. Describe the types of items shown in the survey that are used to gather the data.
e. Are there instances where three to four items measure the same variable? If so, describe.
f. How many words are used in the shortest item present and how many words are used in the longest item present?
g. How many total items are shown on the survey and how much time is necessary to complete the survey?
h. Describe the statistical analysis that will most likely be utilized to analyze the various types of data acquired from the survey. It is possible that more than one analysis will be necessary! For example, frequencies, percentages, qualitative, or perhaps all of these.
CAUTION: Submit your answers on a word document in Blackboard for credit. Again, you may mail the survey to this instructor or scan the survey and upload it in Blackboard. However, your word document with the answers to the items shown above MUST BE uploaded in Blackboard.

Caution: Do not acquire a survey from a school setting, such as ISU, or a post-secondary learning environment.

Try to write or find an organization that located in Indiana State

this is the textbook: Russ-Eft, D. & Preskill, H. (2009). Evaluation in organizations: A systematic approach to enhancing learning, performance, and change (2nd ed.). Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-465-01866-6

please do not use the textbook as a reference.


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