Environmental Planning and Management Expert

2. Discuss the facts of an important case where the selected Judge has written a majority or concurring opinion.

a. For example, a case involving judicial review of election results and a majority opinion of Chief Justice Rehnquist would be the Gore v. Bush case in 2000. The court ruled that due to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment it was not possible to fairly recount the Florida ballots to determine which candidate should receive that state’s Electoral College votes and effectively ended the recount and gave the presidency to Bush. This case also included a dissent by Justice Stevens. Please do not use this example!Environmental Planning and Management Expert.Man In The Case Option 3

3. Does the Justice present with a conservative or liberal ideology in their written opinion, or does the Justice appear to be neutral in his or her opinion writing?

4. Does the court case involve civil liberties, civil rights, justice, or another theme in our course?Environmental Planning and Management Expert

5. Briefly discuss whether your selected case may be altered or reversed in the future.Man In The Case Option 3


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