Discuss the legal implications of these facts from the perspective of the law of trusts

Discuss the legal implications of these facts from the perspective of the law of trusts

Alfred is a wealthy millionaire who rose from humble and poor origins. He has been twice
married and has two children from each relationship. He is a widower recently living with
his ex-supermodel girlfriend Fanny for several years, spending considerable time with her
on his luxurious yacht the ‘Spartan’. Alfred has often referred to the yacht as “our little
home from home, as much Fanny’s as mine, where we both feel secure and relaxed away
from the troubles of the world” he repeated this view at a party held on the yacht in early
March 2013 where he waived around the title deeds to a large commercial building in Poole,
Dorset saying “I give this to my lovely Fanny to give her security in later life” and wrote
words across the deed to that effect, signing and dating his writing. He then signed the
conveyance document and handed it and the deed to his lawyer Cranky for completion. He
had also signed share transfer forms intending to give shares in two of his private companies
to Fanny who had agreed to join the boards of these companies and help to promote their
natural beauty products. The share transfer forms were passed to Cranky for processing.
Cranky had misfiled the conveyance and share transfer forms
In early May 2012, Alfred had bought a house in the joint names of his parents David and
Mary to provide them with a decent home in their twilight years. Alfred had been estranged
from his parents for many years having left home at 15 disillusioned by his family’s poverty.
In the last four years, he has also purchased four residential properties in the names of each
of his four children for them to occupy. Fanny had been somewhat jealous of these
purchases and had insisted that Alfred contribute half the purchase price for her country
retreat in Tuscany. In the presence of friends and relatives, he had replied that he was only
too happy to contribute to “our Riviera Pad”.
Alfred also had an eccentric relationship with his Butler, James. James worked as a Butler
for Alfred for keep only without pay on the understanding that he would be allowed to have
the gatekeeper’s lodge to Alfred’s Rutland country estate and that James would leave the
lodge on James’s demise to Alfred’s illegitimate daughter Kathryn by his longstanding
mistress Gertrude who lives in Hampstead London where Alfred regularly visits on business

Alfred was killed in a traffic accident on 12 May 2013. By his will, he has left all of his
property to Gertrude.
Discuss the legal implications of these facts from the perspective of the law of trusts.


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