Discuss the different types of innovation adopters?

Discuss the different types of innovation adopters?

Innovation and Creativity

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1. Discuss the different types of innovation adopters?
2. Discuss the advantages of innovative organizations.
3. Discuss frequent reasons why innovation is resisted.  Provide examples.
4. What is the relationship between culture and innovation?
5. Discuss the need for innovative leaders.
6. Discuss the results of the Coleman study.  Why is it significant?
7. Discuss the relationship between innovation and creativity.

You can use this book Diffusion of Innovations by Everett M. Rogers or Winning Through
innovation by Michael, Charles A.O`Reilly to find the answers. Also, you can use outside
sources but you should write the link for that. If you use the book you should write the number of


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Subject AreaBusiness Studies
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