Demonstrate an understanding of John Rawl’s book the “The Law of Peoples”

Demonstrate an understanding of John Rawl’s book the “The Law of Peoples”

Demonstrate an understanding of John Rawl’s “The Law of Peoples.”
Please use the book by either quoting or paraphrasing and then interpreting so that you show the issues as you see them. This section of the essay should be reasonably long, at least ten pages. After you complete this, in a page or two write about how you feel about his theory, in particular, whether or not you believe that it provides one reasonable model for the attempt of the representatives of peoples and nations to arrive at a reasonable expectation of enduring peace.
Remember that Rawls derives his theory from the idea of political liberalism as he describes it.
Your essay should cover but NOT BE LIMITED TO the following questions by connecting the answers in a coherent way and by showing how you understand his basic concepts:
1. In what sense is the “original position a model for a law of peoples, given that his basic concept was developed around the idea of justice for particular societies?
2. What sort of societies are least likely to go to war, and why?
3. What does he mean by “right reasons” (e.g. on p. 47)?
4. What role does “public reason” play in his theory (e.g. on p. 54)
5. How and why does he distinguish between “rational” and “reasonable”? Give an example of his use of the distinction
6. What are the limitations law of peoples places on intervention in the affairs of one nation by another or others? What kinds of interventions are justifiable?
7. Can, according to Rawls, political liberalism and the law of peoples be extended to neoliberal peoples? Outlaw states?
8. How does the idea of “just war” come into play? For what sorts of society is this concept meaningful?

Please see attached the first part of the book for the pages referred to in the instructions.
The only source will be the book.


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