Big Data and the Humanities: What Does a Digital Humanities Center Do?

Big Data and the Humanities: What Does a Digital Humanities Center Do?

“Big Data and the Humanities: What Does a Digital

Humanities Center Do?”

Dr. Laura Mandell
29 September 2014
12-1:30 pm
LH 143

Dr. Laura Mandell

Khadija ElCadi
Phone: 4423.0145

In this talk, Dr. Mandell will discuss how digitizing our cultural record
has affected research in the Humanities, both its current practice and
future directions. Big data is revitalizing interest in and opportunities
for scholarship in the Humanities, from Literary Studies and
Philosophy to History and Anthropology. Consequently, one thing DH
Centers can do is to help redirect resources to the Humanities and
prevent them from shrinking further in their academic importance.
But should they? Mightn’t DH Centers rather participate in re‐
configuring the Humanities to meet the new needs of the university
as it prepares students to be citizens of a global, digital culture? How
does the existence of big data change the meaning of “cultural
literacy,” and how can Digital Humanists confront the pedagogical
the challenge of meeting these new literacy requirements?

Laura Mandell is Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities,
Media, and Culture and Professor of English at Texas A&M University.
She is the author of Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature
in Eighteenth‐Century Britain (1999), a Longman Cultural Edition
of The Castle of Otranto and Man of Feeling, and numerous articles
primarily about eighteenth‐century women writers. Her article in New
Literary History, “What Is the Matter? What Literary History Neither
Hears Nor Sees,” describes how digital work can be used to conduct
research into conceptions informing the writing and printing of
eighteenth‐century poetry. She is Project Director of the Poetess
Archive, an online scholarly edition, and database of women poets,
1750‐1900 (, Director of 18thConnect
(, and Director of ARC (‐, the Advanced Research Consortium overseeing NINES,
18thConnect, and MESA.


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