Atmospheric Moisture and Precipitation

Please pick a current article on reflecting the topic.

In your analysis of these laws, you may focus on one or more of the specific
features of Mesopotamian society:
• Gender relationships
• Social classes
• Property ownership
• Commercial activity and economics
• State institutions and government
• Social practices and structures
• Religion
• Crime and punishment

Discuss whatever specific feature(s) you choose as they reflected in the individual laws.
You may also keep in mind that these laws are “epigraphic” – in that they include a
preamble by Hammurabi himself. How is Hammurabi “immortalized” by these laws?
How does this shape this law code’s meaning and significance?
This is not a “research” paper assignment therefore papers do not require any sources to
be cited (class notes and class texts are exceptions and may be referenced). Papers must


Academic LevelCollege (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore)
Subject AreaGeography
Paper Type Article review
Number of Pages1 Page(s)/275 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced

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