Analyze the film SHALL WE DANCE

Analyze the film SHALL WE DANCE

watch the film SHALL WE DANCE,.
Although Hollywood made a remake of this wonderful film with Richard Gere and JL, the original is still far better for all aspects of the film. Planning issues are:

1) Urban environment

2) Urban density and culture

3) Urban isolation and family network

4) Male dominant society

5) Narrow streets and pedestrian-oriented urban development

6) Western dancing as viewed in Japan

7) Family values and support

8) Living space in Japan

– Format your paper according to the syllabus: 1″ margins, no double spacing between paragraphs, & the heading of your paper should be single-spaced.
– The page requirement is THREE pages minimum. We can tell when fonts are increased, margins are decreased, extra spacing, etc. to make it look like 3 pages.
– Font should be Times New Roman & 12 size font
– Be sure to include a CLASS READING and reflect upon it within your paper. A lot of you did not do this & it is an automatic loss of a letter grade
– This is not a personal/reflective essay & should not be in the 1st person. So, no “I”, “you”, “we”, “me”, “my”
– watch for “tense-switching”. Pick past vs. present, but do not use both.
– Be careful when making generalizations or assumptions about a group of people or area. It discredits the author and reads as ignorance
– DO NOT SUMMARIZE the film or give plot detail. We saw the film and know every detail/character
– Choose 2 to 3 of the planning issues listed on BB, then show in your writing how these issues are made evident in the film.
– Use correct citation for quotes, paraphrasing, etc. If you give facts that are not common knowledge, make sure you give credit where it is due.
– PROOFREAD your papers– read it out loud, have your roommate edit it, send it to your Mom, etc.

Happy Writing!!


Academic LevelCollege (3-4 years: Junior, Senior)
Subject AreaUrban Studies
Paper Type Essay
Number of Pages4 Page(s)/1100 words
Paper FormatMLA
SpacingDouble spaced
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