Analyze in great detail the movie Aliens by James Cameron

Analyze in great detail the movie Aliens by James Cameron

There can be absolutely no plagiarism in this. This will be submitted to Safe Assign. This paper is only your close reading or film scene analysis interpretation.For example evidence in a particular scene you analyze relates to Cameron’s reverse gender roles in the film. Do not use any outside sources. Only cite the film!! Only be your interpretation and citing specific film scenes.

A range (90-100): Truly outstanding work, with very extensive close readings of textual quotes and/or visuals. A focused, thoughtful thesis argument and a well-organized essay structure. No pattern of mechanical errors.

Paper Topics:

Analyze in great detail the movie Aliens by James Cameron (The second one). Prefrerably a specific scene or scenes and tie it within the framework of the whole movie’s message and go into great detail. The dialogue, setting etc. everything in those scenes are extremely important to reference to straighten the main point of your argument.

You are conducting a close reading film analysis of a particular scene and scenes. Develop a structured thesis and break it down.

Here are possible topics directly from the assignment sheet:
Analyze the significance of Bishop—an artificial man—to the revision of gender stereotypes that Cameron attempts in Aliens.
Analyze the relationship between Ripley and Hicks in Cameron’s revision of gender stereotypes in Aliens. Pick one key scene to scrutinize in detail. Remember that you are analyzing language, props, costumes, body language, etc., not just picking out plot points.
Analyze the relationship between Vasquez and Drake in Cameron’s revision of gender stereotypes in Aliens. Pick one or two key scenes to analyze in detail.

-Or the topic of mother hood. Scenes that emphasize this with Ridley and Newt and even with the Queen itself

How to write a thesis statement: This comes directly from the assignment:

Developing the Thesis

In an analytical or persuasive paper, a topic is the general subject you wish to explore. The thesis is the specific argument you will make from that topic.

1. Try to choose an argument focused enough to be discussed in the given paper length.
Example: “Women have often been perceived as the weaker sex” is the thesis for an encyclopedia. The argument that Isaac Asimov, in one particular story, questions gender stereotypes through the presence of an alien is more appropriate for a five-page paper.

You narrow a topic by studying patterns in the evidence and by looking for explanations of those patterns.

Topic: the stories the creature learns in Frankenstein.

Noticing patterns: The creature reads about differences in wealth and birth, the oppression of the weak by the strong, and the myth of war in heaven. His own mistreatment by humans fits these stories of irrational violence and prejudice.

Narrowed thesis: Although Frankenstein’s creature considers himself a social outcast, the truth is that he suffers because he fits too well within the human narratives he reads.

2. The thesis might include a sense of how or why something is accomplished.

Example: By having a murderous monster use “human” powers of rhetoric, Shelley makes us re-examine the violence buried in Dr. Frankenstein’s own narrative.

3. The thesis should suggest why its argument is significant.

Weak or incomplete thesis: Although the monster in Frankenstein is a violent criminal, he conceals it well with his smooth language.

The reader at this point might respond, “O.K….so what?” The thesis in #2, in contrast, tries to explain why this use of language is important.

4. Choose a point worth arguing. Although you want a thesis that can be well supported with textual evidence, the reader will lose interest if the point is too obvious or general.

Too obvious or general thesis: Terminator II contrasts natural reproduction with a dehumanizing technology.

No one would argue about that. But this thesis captures nothing unique about the movie; it could apply to thousands of science fiction films.

More focused thesis: Although the humans in the second Terminator movie struggle against mechanization, the inclusion of the “good” android in the family complicates the definition of responsible parenthood as something uniquely human.

5. Choose an argument that you can actually support by looking at the language of a literary text.



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