ADR Processes for Clients and Disputes

ADR Processes for Clients and Disputes

Read chapter 11 of the ADR text.

For this week’s assignment please submit the following:

Please read chapter 7 – Putting It All Together: Selecting Optimal ADR Processes for Clients and Disputes and answer number 1

1. Raymond is a senior paralegal for Jordana DeLancie PC, attorney at law. Jordana takes on a new client, Ari Kaufman, who is seeking compensation due to allegedly fraudulent behavior by a business partner, Mort McLarty. Ari is anxious to litigate the issue and take his partner to the cleaners. Raymond wonders whether litigation is the right option for Ari—Ari’s feelings are clearly hurt, he seems out of control emotionally when he talks about the dispute, and he seems to have overly optimistic ideas of what will happen in court. Raymond suspects that the most important issues—in terms of what would best meet Ari’s underlying goals, needs, and interests—are emotional, not monetary. Raymond feels that conflict diagnosis is important to clarify Ari’s interests, values, and needs and to develop an appropriate strategy for addressing the dispute. But Ari is so angry that he will only talk about how evil and underhanded Mort has been to him and how he’s going to give him what he really deserves. Raymond’s time is billed to the client. What should Raymond do? (Coltri, 05/2009, p. 291)

Coltri, L. S. (05/2009). Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Conflict Diagnosis Approach, 2nd Edition [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from

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