Your assignment is to analyze, from a social psychological perspective, the behaviors and events depicted in one of the films listed below

Assume you have been appointed the chair of a National Advisory Committee to Reform American High Schools.  Using the content in chapter 10 as a basis for your recommendations to members of the committee, how would you change 21st high schools in the following areas?

For this assignment, students develop a set of questions to be asked during an interview of a professional in the field of psychology

You should talk about the shortage of school psychologists: how it affects students?

Select at least three common motivational techniques” and then “identifying any potential ethical pitfalls in client motivation that practicing psychologists should attempt to minimize

Evaluate the strengths and challenges involved in the application of positive psychology in this setting

Describe the human sleep cycle and the brain structures and processes that influence it. Also, describe two scientific hypotheses about the nature and purpose of REM sleep and dreaming

You will need to explore the major themes and concepts, why you selected the book, and how it has informed your own thinking

Within the scenario, examine how the individual’s personality changed given the situation

Choose any poll or statistic and show why it may or not be biased. include what information is missing in order to determine it’s viability

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