In comparing another state’s definition of the delegation I am surprised to find that there is an area of assessment that can be delegated to a ULP

Discuss the issue of uncompensated care (the uninsured) in the U.S. and its impact on the health care system, the cost of care, and on health

Nursing is a professional practice that often encounters challenges or barriers. Choose a professional organization and discuss how belonging would benefit the profession and you as a professional

Describe how you as an advanced nurse will interpret and apply theory in your practical environment (i.e., leadership or education) compared to when you first started this course

Creation of a final “Design for Change” proposal inclusive of your draft, peer review feedback, and the contribution your project will make to the future of healthcare

Does maternal obesity play a role in the development of childhood obesity?

Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative research

Your current role in nursing – Register Nurse- Graduated with a Bachelor’s this month. worked with a home health agency for almost a year

The nursing shortage in the united states and how it will benefit future nurses

Define professional socialization. Discuss how the criteria of a profession are achieved during the process of professional socialization

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