Leadership Propositions

Select one or more of the diagnostic models that you believe provides a framework for identifying the key factors in the Boeing case

In a two-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), briefly explain the purpose of a cash flow statement and analyze Ford Motor Company’s cash flow from its 2012 Annual Report

Are you in favor of implementing Common Core Standards in your classroom? Why or why not? Do you believe Common Core Standards will help promote student learning and achievement?

Correlation between the leadership of individuals and the success of a business

What, according to the 75 members of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Board, is the most important capability for leaders to develop?

Social media has rapidly become a relevant communications vehicle reaching a new demographic. In a two to three page paper, discuss examples of each of these uses

Assessment: Design Your Life

How did you start your career? What helped you in starting “UAE Down Syndrome”?

What we will begin to understand is that there is not one kind of leader, that leaders are not always the forceful and outgoing people we associate with the description, and that you can be an effective leader

Give an example of how you have applied or could apply the concepts presented in the book in your schoolwork, career, spiritual, or personal life?

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