Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Issues concerning African boys and/ or men

From linguistic culture learning, I am going to explain how the different linguistic humanity history effect language expression between Chinese and English

For the first part of this assignment, think of a subject you would like to write on having to do with “Consumer Culture.”

The reading responses should respond to 3 chapters of the book (The Clash of Modernities: The Islamist Challenge to Jewish, Turkish, and Arab Nationalism (Studies in Comparative Social Science) by Samman, Khaldoun

Discuss the positive and progressive elements of Daniel Patrick Moynihan

What is this song really about? Connect the song to the Booker T. Washington quote, in Takaki, on page 345 and to the period of American History known as Jim Crow. Also, why was it significant that Billie Holiday sang this song in 1939?

After reading Part II of Takaki discuss how the experiences of Blacks, Mexicans, American Indians, Asians, and Irishmen represent multidimensional ethnic interactions in U.S. history

Pitching a movie based on The Piano Lesson by August Wilson

The Relationship Between National Identity And Cultural Objects

You will actively confront or deal with continuity or perhaps non-continuity in our culture with certain aspects of ancient Greek mythology and/or perhaps with certain aspects of some other mythological personality of another culture

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