Criminal Justice

I want you to talk about the law enforcement of the Abu Dhabi police department and about the Abu Dhabi police department in general and some crimes that were solved

The suspension of nurse Kevin captioning

My research paper will be on civil disobedience and if breaking the law for a cause is justifiable

Cause-and-Effect Diagram (Fishbone) or Why Tree Analysis for this incident

Explain the evolution and growth of the polygraph machine? The creators? 

Comparative Analysis of Surveillance & Human Society

Discuss and analyze the assigned chapters and also to make a connection and an understanding of the relationship between class and crime]

Does the Standard of Conduct of Police Officers Differ depending On or Off Duty Status and does it change depending on the venue (i.e. instead of police week the officers were attending their fraternity reunion in Florida)?

Our system of justice places the burden of proof of guilt upon the prosecution. The burden never shifts to the defense to prove innocence. Are there some instances where you believe that the burden of proof should shift to the defense to prove the innocence of the defendant?

Of the three models that have derived from decision-making theory, how would you rank them in terms of application to policing and why?

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