The effects of Interior design and music

Compose an essay discussing your feelings and thoughts about MYTH

How do you convert a jumble of observations into an ethnographic essay that offers an interesting and useful interpretative analysis of gaming cultures?

Write a 400-700 word paper assessing your current strengths and weaknesses in handling interpersonal and/or other conflict situations in your life

Analyze a leader that you are familiar with (an effective boss) or one you have studied (Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, etc.—contemporary or historical)

You will use the theory to explain your own “memorable” experience, event(s), or communication behaviors or activities in everyday contexts, including your personal/interpersonal relationships, family/home, work, public/mass media, and other settings

Discuss Ethics in Public Negotiation Settings (examples could include the Immigration Debate, Negotiations with North Korea, European Union, etc.)

Importance of Quality Sleep

Reflect upon your relationship with a brand that is important to you (examples: a clothing brand like A&F, a technology brand like Apple, a food brand like Coke, an entertainment brand like Marvel, etc.)

Discuss reasons why empathy is important in relation to effective communication. Using TWO examples, explain how empathy blockers may sometimes interfere with effective communication

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